1. just read your book how to walk with the holy spirit and have to tell you I loved it! I will keep it forever….Now one of my all time fav christian books….Just wanted to tell you great job!

  2. Wow! Thank you for the compliment! Leaving me speechless. May you walk with the Holy Spirit all of your life!

  3. ur Welcome…I Have As Many Marks In It And Highlighted As My Bible

  4. Hey brother. Wanting to get back involved. Yall been on my mind and heart . i recieve text at 4195340412

  5. Wow. I read your blogs sir and I was blessed. I’m blessed to know that like me, you agree that as Believers we are the seed of Abraham through faith in Christ Jesus. You also agree to the fact the what the Spirit of God promised Abraham, belongs to us now and not in the sweet bye and bye! Genesis 12:2-3 is what was promised to Abraham and its our now! Bless you sir and thank you. Your Brother in Christ, Rudy.

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