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Battle of World Views

First, should Christians get involved in politics?  Short answer – yes. Long answer – We live in a country where there is a government. We should be salt, light, and an influence to the government. If we aren’t an influence then someone else will do it, someone else who does not view the world the … Continue reading

Evolution of Nations

I found an overview of the cycle of nations recently in a booklet called The G3 Map by Rob Wegner (2012). As I have studied history I think this circle is a pretty accurate overview of a country’s history. Do you agree? Can this cycle be changed? Where do you think your nation is on … Continue reading

3 Fixes We Need Now In the USA

I have never written about politics in this blog before. But today I am going to just a little. Our country is in a critical place and it badly needs leadership. I am not saying I am that leadership but I have been a student of history and government for most of my life. The … Continue reading