HEAT–Where Leadership is Heading

Here I go again, I have another one word acronym to describe something. In my last blog I described in one word where I believe Jesus is taking His Church – RISK.

This blog describes in one word where I believe Jesus is taking the leadership of His Church.

The word is HEAT.

If you are a leader in the Church you know that God has been turning up the heat on us for quite a long time. He is the God of fire and I have definitely been feeling the burn. I only wish I could lose the same amount of physical weight that I have been losing in my soul!

Leadership HAS to change in order to take Christians into RISK. We are where we are at in Christianity because this is where our leadership has taken us.

But don’t be distraught, new and changed leadership is coming forth now.

While the assignment of each leader is different the values they work by are similar. I propose to you 4 values Jesus is instilling in those who lead His church.

H – Honor. Respect, Appreciate, and Celebrate what others are Doing.
E – Empower. Extend Opportunities, Resources, and Oversight to Others.
A – Atmosphere. Create an Atmosphere for His Presence First. Spirit Sensitive Church.
T – Team. Relationship, Accountability, and Gifts are the basis of Ministry not Position.

Each Initial is worthy of at least a paper if not a book. But for now we will stick with just the one word.

It’s time to turn up the HEAT and eliminate COLD Professionalism.

Are you feeling it getting hotter?

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  1. Yes! So I am buckling in expecting a wild, wild ride! Darien

  2. We are being called to go higher. I understand that.

    Science teaches that when a substance is heated, ie, water, air, etc., they rise.

    Heat us up Lord. Higher and higher…

    Raise up a people for yourself.

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