What Happens When You Don’t Obey – Lessons from Jonah and the Whale

1. Life Gets Expensive. You have to buy a ticket to go somewhere else and in transit all your stuff gets thrown overboard. Please note, when you disobey God Satan always makes sure there is a ship available to go somewhere else disguised as an opportunity. This is not a sign of God’s will!

2. Things Eat At You. Digestive Juices from the whale – I mean circumstances – eat at you. Eventually you will get bleached out – I mean stressed out. You can deny it but everyone notices.

3. After the Running You Always Have To Go Back. You always have to go back to where you left off from following God. He does not issue new orders or give a new word.

Just remember, the shortest way out of a problem or challenge is just to obey – the first time.


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