RISK – Where the Church is Heading

I like to describe broad ideas, movements, and direction in one word.

For instance, I like the word Restore to sum up the whole Bible. See blog… for thoughts on this word.

Simplistic? Oh yea. But the simplicity of 1 word can often plant an idea that will motivate people to see things from a different perspective inspiring further study.

I believe where Jesus is taking His Church in this time can be summed up in one word – RISK.

RISK. Now that is a word that I have never heard used with Christianity in a long time.

Risk is usually used with adventure, new business ideas, bold plans, and game saving athletic moves.

It’s time to use this word with Christianity. What better adventure, idea, or plan is there than true Christianity?

The one word I would describe Western Christianity is definitely not RISK. It would probably be COMFORT.

But it is going to take RISK to bring back a culture shaking, life changing Jesus to the West.

Let me give to you some thoughts on what I believe are 4 values Jesus is wanting us to take a RISK on.

R – Relationships. Intimacy with Him and others.
I – Intercession. True hungering after Him and His heart.
S – Supernatural. God wants to give His super to our natural.
K – Kingdom. The King wants His values in us everywhere.

What do you think? Are you ready to take a RISK?

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