Battle of World Views


First, should Christians get involved in politics? 

Short answer – yes. Long answer – We live in a country where there is a government. We should be salt, light, and an influence to the government. If we aren’t an influence then someone else will do it, someone else who does not view the world the same as we do.

Let me tell you a story about John Knox.

He was the great reformer living in Scotland in the 1500’s which started the Presbyterian Church.

He prayed for 13 years for reformation in Scotland before it came. He lived within site of the Queen’s palace. She would often pass by his house traveling. Whenever she passed a law that was ungodly he would ask her if it was true. She would say yes. He then boldly would say I will tell everyone in my church to not obey it.

Reformation is what we need in America. But reformation will not happen accidentally. Reformation takes confrontation. The church needs to confront evil again. Instead, we are too busy trying to relate and make people happy. If the world is not afraid of the standard of truth the Bible represents, we are not being the church. The confrontation needs to start in the church. She lives in a stupor. She lives in a back slidden state. They have little of the reformation spirit of John Knox.

What would happen if every time the State of Georgia passed an ungodly law, all the pastors in the state told their congregations to not obey it? This is standing for the truth and being salt and light. This is the church leading instead of following from behind.

There is a battle of world views happening in our nation.

Every country is built on 3 foundations – 1st a Moral foundation, followed by a 2nd Economic foundation, which supports a 3rd Government foundation. Every country has these 3 foundations.

The 3 foundations the USA was founded on 250 years ago were 1st Moral – Judeo-Christian values, 2nd Economic – Capitalism, 3rd Government – Nationalism/Libertarian.

Since World War 2, 70 years ago, there has been a push by liberals to change our foundation. The last 8 years have been especially productive in moving our country to new foundations. The new foundations desired by liberals are morally Humanism, economically Socialism, and governmentally Globalism.

The distinctions can be summed up as:

1st foundation – Judeo-Christian Values vs Humanism : Values Based on Bible vs Human Decision

2nd foundation – Capitalism vs Socialism : Decisions Made by Individuals/Companies vs Laws/Regulations

3rd foundation – Nationalism/Libertarian vs Globalist : Decisions at State/National Level vs Somewhere Else

There are many protests, anger, and chaos in our country since the election of President Donald Trump. The reason is not just what are we going to do about immigrants, regulations, healthcare, etc. These are symptoms of a bigger battle, a battle of world views. President Donald Trump is wanting to reverse the foundations we have been shifting to for the last 70 years.

This is why the battle is so fierce. The Globalists, Humanists, and Socialists are not giving up without a fight.

The Church needs to rise up in 2 ways : First, it has to reject the world view which is ungodly and then second, get involved in the world. Most christians don’t understand what makes a society prosperous. They need to study history and see that the agenda of the humanists and socialists do not make a society prosperous. A prosperous society is one based on Judeo-Christian values, an economic system where the individual gets to choose, and where the political decisions are best made closest to home.

But be forewarned, this is a battle which is not going to go away. Gird up your loins with truth and stand.

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