I Am So Discouraged about our Country’s Direction!

“I am so discouraged about the direction of our country.” Have you heard this statement recently? I have heard this statement or something similar many times lately. I have thought it myself. Often, I see a self-centered humanistic society and I want to scream followed by despair.

But I want to share a few thoughts with you that have helped me.

No. 1 Get Provoked Not Discouraged

Sure, people are not living according to the Bible, but let this provoke you into living even more a lifestyle that glorifies Jesus. If we back away we take any light we may be in the darkness away. Let’s resolve to follow God even closer and live a lifestyle that glorifies him. Self-centered (humanistic) lifestyles end in misery and chaos. When people reach this place they will again look up for the light and you will be standing there shining brightly.

No. 2 Give Grace Not Judgment

I often want to tell people how foolish they are and I hope they rot in their misery because they deserve it. Well, they may deserve it, but Jesus has already judged their sins on the Cross. I need to tell them about the grace available to them. Most people deep down know they are self-centered and eventually they will admit to needing the grace of God so they won’t be judged by Him. Let’s extend grace to them as Jesus has done to us and leave the judging to Him.

No. 3 Take Courage over Comfort

One reason I am mad at society is because sin always produces problems. I often have to suffer the consequences of those problems since I am a member of my society. So I find myself mad at sinners because I don’t want my world disturbed. But back to point 1, let this provoke you to hate sin even more and to take courage that you will overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit even if the problems are not your fault.

No. 4 Be Faithful Even if it Costs You Your Reputation

I don’t know about you but I often get tired of being in the minority. Christian thinking has become the minority thinking in our country. This is even stranger because so many people say they are Christians. I want to be liked by everybody too. Sometimes the stands I take for God are simply not popular. I want to encourage you to remain faithful to your walk with God. His reputation of you will outlive any reputation you may gain here on Earth.

Discouragement is hard to overcome, but get provoked, give grace, take courage, and be faithful. Our country needs the light inside of you!

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