Thoughts About Your Creation

You are His inheritance. What a powerful and humbling concept. If you could have been present at your incarnation, not in the womb, but in heaven before you were conceived in the womb, you would be amazed at His anticipation. If you could have peered over His shoulder, you would have marveled at how His likeness and image would be unveiled in the human form called you.

Just imagine day 6 of creation. For the first time in newly invented time, on day 6 of creation mankind was created. Imagine God seeing His likeness in a frail human form. God blessed and gave rule to mankind. “God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31a. God rested on the 7th day in the perfection He created. God continues to say to you today, “I see all that I have made you, and it is very good.”

When you take a picture of a person, it is an exact image of the person when the photo was snapped. God has a picture of the exact image when you were conceived in heaven. It is a snapshot of who you are. It is a snapshot of your whole life because there is no time constraint in heaven. It is a beautiful photo filled with memories future/present/past. Whenever the Devil accuses, God gets His photo album out and shows him your snapshot.

You are God’s dream conceived in human form. Eternity is captured in your spirit, soul, and body (Ecclesiastes 3:11). You are a capsule in time that is a snapshot of the beauty of God, because you are created in His image. It is hard to understand that your soul and spirit go beyond the boundaries of time and space. You are eternal. You have eternal Holy Spirit inside of you. Hearing Jesus’ eternal voice is His and our reward. 

When Jesus looks at you he sees the end. He doesn’t just see how you are now. He sees you as the finished musical masterpiece He anticipated in heaven when you were conceived by Him. We often see the unfinished notes and unfinished chords. He hears the concert in full every time He looks at you.

You are a musical masterpiece to Him. It is true because you are created in His image. You are a piece of the symphony playing in heaven being played on earth. You carry the sound of heaven wherever you go. He appreciates hearing your sound today. He anticipates the music coming forth tomorrow.

Light of God is inside you. “God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5b. God lives inside you. That means you are created to house light. You spiritual and physical DNA are created to come to life when the light of God is inside you. You are designed to have no darkness as the light shines in every corner of your soul and body. You are designed to radiant light to the world. 

You are a radio receiver. Salvation restores to us the fact that our creation in His image enables us to be tuned in on the same ‘radio’ frequency as Him. This goes beyond just hearing His words. As you walk through the day, you can feel, and see Him in nature and other ways. Our spirit is created to be continually connected to His Spirit. Reflect on this wonderful ‘always on connection’ that goes beyond our 5 senses.

He wants to talk with you. Jesus’ full inheritance is not just your salvation. His full inheritance is renewed conversation with you. The ability for Him to speak to your heart. No dry words from the past. But wet living current words today. He leaves wet ink on your heart.

His words are written in living ink on your heart. His words to you are no longer etched in stone like the ten commandments. They are written on your heart by Holy Spirit. They are a part of your consciousness. Holy Spirit inside of you is the living ink. These words are permanent and bring life. They reflect Jesus’ love and destiny for you. He is that close. (2 Corinthians 3:2-3)

Jesus rising from the dead opened up the door for authentic encounters. Not since the Garden of Eden has this been true. He is not confined to predictable routines and programs. As we rest in Him, He appears at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. This is the joy of living close. The joy of encountering Him. Walk today expecting Him to be just around the corner of our world and soul.

There are no religious rituals or steps to encounter God. That was done away with at the Cross. The Old Temple was destroyed spiritually when Jesus was crucified and physically in 70 AD. The physical room of the Holy of Holies where God’s presence resided is gone. The temple has been rebuilt with new procedures. You are now the temple. Your spirit contains the Holy of Holies. The way to His presence is to realize this, speak too, enjoy, and rest with the God inside you. Amazingly simple (Revelation 21:3).

When you are saved it brings Jesus joy. There is going to be a major infusion of people reconciled back to Jesus’ heart. We often call this revival. Think about the joy of Jesus when this happens. He died 2000 years ago to reconcile His creation – people – to His heart. I can’t think of anything better than helping Jesus get the joy of His heart. May it happen soon so that we can watch the smile on His face.

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