Changing Our World With Our Tongue

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7 tips on how to change your world with your tongue. The 7 tips are appreciation, positive, saying ‘I Love You’, anticipation, thankfulness, building up others, and declaring God’s goodness.

Changing Our World With Our Tongue

Your tongue is powerful! You can change your world through your tongue. You are created in God’s image. He created the world by his words. You are the same. Your words create worlds of life or death. It is a spiritual law that influences the natural world. This article shares 7 tips about how to create life with your tongue. You have the power of life and can change your world with it! 

“The tongue has the power of life and death.” Proverbs 18:21a

Tip #1 – Appreciation

Appreciation is a powerful force that brings life. We all love to be appreciated. As you go through your day, make it a goal to tell 1 person what you appreciate about them. Appreciation is telling them thanks for something they did. This could be towards a loved one or even your server at a restaurant. For example, you could tell the server you appreciate their attentiveness. Make sure that whatever you say is true. Don’t do false flattery. You will bless the person and it will change your outlook on life. When you appreciate people it reveals to you the goodness of God around you. Go for 1 a day to change your world!  

When you start walking and talking with appreciation, it enables you to appreciate other’s perspectives. You put yourself in their place in a small way. This increases your mercy and patience. It also reveals in you where you may need to grow. So develop the 1/day appreciation habit. The world needs this life and you will be blessed too.

To appreciate people it means you have to start noticing what is going on around you. Appreciation causes us to get our eyes off of ourselves and pay attention to people around us. So, notice what people are doing around you that they don’t have to do. Let them know. You are a life giver when you do and it changes your world.

How well do you understand those close to you? Could you accurately share their perspective or ideas with others? Part of appreciating others is to ask them questions about what they feel and think. This gives value to them because they will feel you care about them as a person. Do this with the goal of understanding what makes them think they way they do. So ask those close to you, “what are you feeling or thinking and why?” 

Tip #2 – Tell your loved ones ‘I Love You’

I almost died in 2020. Morbid subject but true. It showed me the importance of telling your loved ones you love them. Add to your 1 a day appreciation moments, a 1 a day I love you. Make sure you eventually include every person in your family – spouse, children, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. It will bring life into their world. It will also release you into greater love for them. Live as if this may be the last time you see them. Not in a morbid sense, but in a ‘I want you to know’. Your ‘I love you’ once a day will change your world.

Set a reminder on your phone to tell people you appreciate and love them. Set something like – a 2pm reminder or alarm with the phrase “Appreciate and Say I love you”. Eventually, it will become second nature. It will bless you and something else magically happens. People want to be around you. Why? Because you are giving life to them. People always want to be around life. Your life giving will change your world.

We are created in the image of God. One way we are like him is we have the power to create too. Everything in Genesis that God created in 6 days was preceded by a word. He called what he created good. Everything you create is preceded by a word.

Tip #3 – Be Positive

You create atmospheres or moods with your words. Your tongue will reinforce the negative or accentuate the good things around you. If the atmosphere is negative, speak the good things you see happening, it will start shifting the mood in the room. This is a choice. We do not deny that troubles happen, but we believe the power of God can overcome them.

We live in a fallen world. One key is to trust that God is on your side and will do good by you. We are not being positive because of the circumstances but because we believe in the power of God to change our circumstances! 

Tip #4 – Live with Anticipation

Living with anticipation is knowing it is not about you but God. It is called faith in the Bible. It is God you are anticipating changing your circumstances. Move and talk like God will do what he said. Let your talk align with Holy Spirit inside of you. I know there is a right time for everything. But we don’t know when that time is. So anticipate that it could be today!

How do I increase my anticipation? Try the following. Thank God for the good day you are having. Thank God for how good the rest of the day is going to be. Thank God that you are and will be walking with him in peace and purpose for the rest of the day. Give it a try. Say it out loud.

Tip #5 – Be Thankful to God

Thanking God regularly will change your whole viewpoint on life. It will move you from a victim mentality to victor. There is always something you can thank God for. It is actually addictive. Once you start, you want to keep going. Thanking God for what he has done and is doing will change depressing and hopeless atmospheres almost immediately. Can you add 1 more thing to your 1 a day routine? What do you think about saying thanks to God at least 1 time a day for something specific? Give it a try. It works wonders.

Holy Spirit lives inside of you. That means God’s purposes and promises are inside of you. As you walk through the day you are carrying his purposes and promises with you. You are God’s kingdom on the move! When you walk in appreciation and gratefulness it is an expression of the goodness you carry. It says to the world that you are not hopeless and have a future. Your attitude will be contagious to others. You are a model of the hope and future available to us as Christians. Walk knowing you carry the kingdom!

Here is another way to bring life to others. Ephesians 4:29 says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” 

Tip #6 – Only Say What Builds Up Others According to their Need

This means that we not only have to control what we say, we need to understand what others need. The only way I know to do this is to ask our teacher Holy Spirit. Ask for discernment as I meet others to know what they need and then show me how to build them up in that need.

We say in the last point that we can build up others and benefit them (Ephesians 4:29). This is changing our world for them. Your tongue is a powerful tool to bring life to others. Today, be sensitive to Holy Spirit and others by listening for their needs they may say consciously or unconsciously. Ask Holy Spirit to help you listen at that level. Then ask Him if there is anything you can do or say to help bring benefit to build them up. It is fun to be used this way. You feel the anointing of God on you. Be bold and step out.

We often just listen to others waiting for our chance to talk next. Today, listen with Holy Spirit’s help to what the person is really conveying. Is there anyway you can say to build them up? This gift brings life to others around you. It shows you care and that gives value to the other person.

Tip #7 – Declare that God is Good, all the Time

Your circumstances constantly try to steal your joy. They try to tell you there is no future and God doesn’t care about you. Don’t believe this! Change your brain with your tongue. Out loud (maybe not in public, say, “God is good and he will take care of me, guard my back, and bring blessings to me”.  These phrases said as you are challenged will change your brain and the atmosphere around you.

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