The Delta Force Church

“Our mission is to train the spiritual equivalent of the U.S. Military Delta Force – Passionate, Skilled, and Tenacious Disciples.” – Quote on the main hallway at Relationship Church.

Churches take on unique characteristics based on what the head, Jesus, wants for that church. We have the same calling that Rick Joyner, Morningstar Church and Ministries has in his ministry. He describes it in this quote.

“We’re called to be more like the Delta Force. Delta soldiers are not made to fight conventionally or in large numbers. They may not do well in the trenches, but in their sphere of operations, just a couple of them can accomplish more than a battalion, or more.” – Rick Joyner

Delta Force is a branch of the special forces in the military. It is referring to “1st Special Forces Operational Detachment’s Delta Unit”, a.k.a. “Delta Force.” Some of the other special forces are the Green Berets, Rangers, and Seals. 

It is important to understand our calling and the calling of the church we are a part of. We can’t do whatever we want. Our actions are to reflect the missions God has called us to.

Delta Force has unique characteristics compared to the other special forces units. Here are some, along with spiritual parallels.

Quiet Professionals 

“The quiet professionals” is what they call themselves, and those who seek publicity or talk publicly about missions — even long after they are done — are likely to be ostracized by their peers. “It’s just not wise to speak in details,” said Jack Plant, an Army colonel who retired in 1994 after more than 30 years in the Special Forces. (1)

We are not to brag about what we do. We are not to even share most of what we do. Delta Force goes out first on many missions and gets the facts and does the strategic and preparatory work that the main army needs to defeat the enemy. Delta Force soldiers can’t talk about what they are doing because it would jeopardize what is to come. 

As Delta Force Christians, we quietly obey Holy Spirit. Never promote yourselves or tell others what is happening for the sake of what is happening. God wants to give us high value missions for him, but secrecy is often required. Our ego must be tamed because it will cause us to make wrong decisions for the wrong reasons.

“The military doesn’t officially acknowledge Delta Force, but its existence is well known. Many of its operations are classified and will likely never be known to the public.” (2) 

Assignments are Hidden

Stealth is essential for many missions. Sometimes only you and God know what you are doing and where you are deployed. This is not only ok but also normal. The revealing of God’s plans is in His hand and not yours. If you can’t die to your ego, you will flunk out as a Delta Force member. Our reward comes from God and the other team members that know us.

But as a spiritual Delta Force member, you are a professional. You have been through some of the toughest training in the USA military. It is the same with your spiritual walk with God.

Delta Force members keep the purpose, mission, and assignment secret. Glory seekers don’t last. Ego must die to be successful. It is all about Jesus and the mission you are doing for him to get all the glory. You develop a mentality of not wanting to be recognized because you know it will hinder the mission when it becomes about you.

Intense Training

To become a Delta Force member in the military, the training is intense and there is a high dropout rate. You need this for the assignments you are called to. Without proper training, you will get killed or get others killed.

There is a lot of secrecy around Delta Force for the reasons mentioned above. But it is thought to hold its selection for new members twice every year, in the spring and fall, at a one-month course somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. Over 100 candidates undergo a grueling regimen of exercises that test physical fitness, endurance, and mental strength. 

Those who pass these hurdles enter an arduous six-month Operator Training Course (OTC), which some 30-40 percent can cannot complete; the remaining are transformed from raw recruits to trained Delta operators.

Between the course itself and the commander’s review board/interview at the end, over 90 percent of candidates are not selected. Sometimes only a few would graduate. One class only had 1 graduate. That is a 99% dropout. (3)

Christians called to Delta Force churches undergo harder and longer training than other Christian assignments. It’s not possible to compare yourself to others. You can’t complain that you have it hard. You can’t say it is unfair. You are called to assignments that pioneer and set the stage for others with strategic plans that require character, skills, and tenacity. 

No Outward Titles, Ranks and Uniforms

Delta Force members are unique in all the USA military Special Forces. They have no dress code, no hair code, and are a diverse culture. No ranks or titles outwardly shown on their clothes. They do have titles and ranks, but you can’t tell by looking at them. (4)

This is because they are called to mix in with the enemy without them knowing who they are and what their assignment is. This allows them to carry out their mission in stealth.

Delta Force churches do the same. They don’t talk about titles, ranks, and wear uniforms. They don’t say, “I am pastor, so and so.”. Other team members know who they are because they are close and work with them. No outward display is needed or wanted. Again, ego must be dealt with.

Smallest of the Special Forces

Delta Force “is extremely small with approximately 1,000 members, a few hundred of which are only involved in direct action.” (5)

If you are called to a Delta Force church, it will be small. The regular army is where the larger churches are. We need the regular army. They take and hold the land gotten from the enemy. Size is needed. But Delta Force does not come in and hold land. They prepare the ground ahead of time with reconnaissance, small direct action, decide strategy, that the regular army comes in and uses.

Can you handle being a small church without thinking something is broken? Can you embrace the thought that small is strategic? Can you not get your worth from size but from mission? You must if you are going to be a Delta Force spiritual member.

What are the Assignments?

Delta Force is a high impact, low maintenance group. Here are some of their specialties: Counter terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, special reconnaissance against high valve targets. (5) Can you see yourself as a counter terrorist to what the Devil does to people and then rescue them from bondage?


You can see that this differs from other units that go in and take land from the enemy with tanks and planes. Delta Force is specialized and precise. Both types of army units are needed, but very different in their approach and actions. 

We don’t get to pick our assignments. That comes from our commander, the Lord of the Armies, Jesus Christ. When we find our place that he picks out for us, there is no higher joy and satisfaction.

If you are called to a Delta Force church, you now understand why you are different. You have a different assignment!


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