I Love Where I Live…What I Want to See Grow

I love living here in Northwest Georgia, USA. God sent me here on assignment over 25 years ago. He wanted me to play a role in being a spiritual influence. Besides starting 2 churches, much living, love, and fruit has happened. In the second half of my ministry, I look forward to 6 spiritual truths taking root and blooming here. As they grow, they will color our region into the inheritance God has for us.

1. Lordship vs Salvation

Many people have heard the gospel and are saved. They have made Jesus their Savior. The next step is to make Him Lord. Lordship is where we give every part of our life to His will. Lordship is where we include Jesus on every decision. 

2. Delight vs Duty

Christians here are often hard working for Jesus. This is wonderful. But often I see our hard work as only duty being done. We are in a time where he is changing our duty to delight. He is moving our performance as a servant to a passion for Jesus. We are becoming intimate with God as sons, not just taking orders as servants. Is it possible for our Christian life to become one of delight and not just faithful duty?

3. Both Wings of Holy Spirit Accepted Fruits and Gifts

Jesus sent Holy Spirit to us at Pentecost. He said we needed his power (Acts 1:8) to fulfill our calling. Holy Spirit is represented as a dove when he came on Jesus when he got baptized (Matthew 3:16). A dove has 2 wings. Christians accept the 9 fruits of Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). But I await when we realize he brought another set of 9 gifts – the gifts of Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12: 8-11). I often make the analogy that each wing has 9 gifts. A dove has 9 main feathers on each wing. We need both wings to fly straight.

4. Escapism vs Occupy

Jesus is coming back. But we don’t know when. Until then, Jesus gave us one command. He summarized the command in the parable in Luke 19:11-27. Let me summarize the parable. A master (representing Jesus) goes on a long journey and he gives his servants (representing us) gifts and resources to further his lands. In verse 11 in the KJV, he gives them this last command, “Occupy till I come.” You get the point. God wants us to further his kingdom with the gifts and resources he has given us and not wait around to escape the evil here on earth.

5. Recognition of Women as Ministers

Half of the army of God – women – are removed from fighting on the front lines. We need the gifts of women where God has ordained. If you want to explore the doctrinal reasons I believe women can be front line ministers I wrote a small book on it. Here is a link to a PDF called Can Women Minister to Men?

6. Recognition of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries

Jesus gave 5 gifts in Ephesians 4:11-13 to guide, grow, and mature the church. The dove’s direction in flying is determined by their tail feathers. Guess how many tail feathers they have? Yes, 5. Those 5 gifts are pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet, and apostle. We acknowledge the first 3 gifts. But we need 5 gifts to complete our maturity.

These 6 truths have taken root in this region. I can’t wait for them to cover Northwest Georgia!e 6 truths have taken root in this region. I can’t wait for them to cover the whole area!

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