3 Rs to Guide in Disciple Others

3 Rs to Guide in Disciple OthersRemember the 3Rs from School? Reading, W(R)riting, and A(R)rithmetic. I have 3Rs for discipling others : Relationship, Role, and Release.


  • All disciple relationships should start with relationship. An open, honest, transparent, caring relationship with other.
  • Care more about your relationship with them than anything they may do, discover, or accomplish.
  • Always walk in grace assuming the best.
  • Work on relationship as the highest priority. It will carry you through everything else.


  • Help your disciple to discover his role in life and not his place in your life. Your ministry is to help him find his place and not his place in your ministry.
  • This will be a journey of understanding talents, gifts, personality, and prophetic revelation.
  • In this journey of discovering his role, develop the 3 Cs as God gives you grace in their life : Chemistry, Competency, Character.
    • Chemistry is the ability to work with others in their role and life in general.
    • Competency is the ability to do the skill of the role.
    • Character is walking in the fruits of the Holy Spirit no matter where they go or what they do.
  • Remember the first R – Relationship? Relationship allows you to get to know the other person enough to help them discover their role.


  • Release your disciple into their destiny. There is often a tendency to want to hang onto them for fear of losing them or wondering if they are ready. Frankly, most of our growth is done by getting out and doing it.
  • When your disciple needs advice they will come back to you if they know you will do everything possible to keep them free and moving forward.
  • Remember the first R – Relationship? Relationship allows release without fear that you will lose them.
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