Do You Do This as a Spiritual Authority?

Do You Do This as a Spiritual Authority?What is a Spiritual Authority? It is not just your pastor. It is anyone that has influence over others. This can be a parent, spouse, employer, small group leader, teacher, discipler, or pastor. We want to be the best spiritual authority possible. Here are some questions to ask ourselves to be the kind of spiritual influencer that our Father God is:

Questions to ask ourselves as we walk with others?

Do we liberate or enslave?

Do we lead to conformity or release into creativity?

Do we bring dependence on ourselves or God?

Do we produce servility of a slave or real servanthood?

Do we depend on law or grace in our discipleship?

Do we destroy or does it build a person’s confidence?

Do we equip people to function in faith or fear?

Do we produce accountability or anarchy?

Do we equip people for ministry or do we make them spectators to the ministries of others?

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