10 Guidelines for Building Community

10 Guidelines for Building CommunityOne thing we want to happen in every church is for a family atmosphere to be developed where people feel like they belong. God is more concerned with us become a part of His body and family than He is about having great meetings. This feeling of fellowship and family with one another can be called building a community of people. It takes work. It does not just happen. You have to be intentional about building community.

Here are 10 guidelines that I have found to be effective in building community in a church.

1. There must Be 2-way talk not just a 1-way Message

2. Have times together or activities outside the meetings and small groups 

3. Allow and Train members to pray for and minister to one another

4. Don’t book so many activities that members don’t have time to fellowship outside of the church. 

5. Teach on the value of community as found in scripture with the “one another verses”.  For example, love one another, share one another’s burdens, encourage one another, etc. 1 Corinthians 14:26; 

6. Community builds as you share in a common purpose. 

7. Be careful of controlling too much – allow for spontaneity. 

8. Community must be modeled by the leaders. They do as you do not do as you say.

9. Have meetings outside of the church to show that the people are the church and not the building. 

10.  Let people know that conflict is normal and how to deal with it successfully.

Everyone wants to belong. Let’s provide the best atmosphere possible for community to grow in.

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