Abraham’s Inheritance Is Also Yours!

Abraham_s Inheritance Is Also YoursAbraham is the spiritual father of all those who believe (Romans 4:16–17a). Because of him, the physical genealogy that resulted in the birth of the Messiah was started, and from Abraham all the nations of the world have been blessed.

We know from Galatians 3:29 that we may not be Abraham’s physical offspring unless we are a Jew, but we are his adopted children as spiritual offspring. In Genesis 12:1–3, God said He would bless Abraham and his descendants. He told him that not only would He bless him, but He would also make Abraham to be a blessing. He told Abraham that He would make him the father of a great nation and that his descendants would be too numerous to count (Genesis 15:5).

What Was Abraham’s Inheritance?

We often focus on the material blessings that Abraham had, thinking this is the promise we receive as an offspring of his. While Abraham was blessed with finances (Gen. 13:2), God did not promise Abraham finances and possessions. He promised him a multitude of sons and daughters.

This, too, is God’s vision and promise for us as a people—to multiply and have spiritual descendants too numerous to count. Yes, Abraham had physical descendants, but when God promised descendants too numerous to count, he primarily was talking about the spiritual offspring that would come because of the covenant He was making with Abraham.

God wants each of us to inherit the promises of spiritual offspring. We have to realize that this is the promise –not finances and possessions. The highest calling we can do here on earth in relation to the ministry is to reproduce the “God” inside of us into others. This is what God did with us!

He reproduced Himself in us when He made us in His image. How do we do this? By investing time, energy, finances, etc. in who God shows us to in order to see Godly growth in them. When we live for just ourselves or our biological children we short circuit the gift of God inside of us. Our God is a God of reproduction and multiplication. He is constantly giving of Himself to see Himself reproduced in men on the earth. He does this through us! What a high calling!

We are never too old for this – as Abraham was not to old by the power of God for reproduction of Isaac (Hebrews 11:1). Don’t let the Devil distract you by saying “ministry tasks” are enough. “Work tasks” are not enough in our biological families are they? No, “work” is only a means to support ourselves while the real work is spending time with our children and teaching them how to follow hard after God.

We don’t want to just teach or give information to our biological children. We want their very foundation and character changed!  This is the same way we with the people around us.

The multitudes are Abraham’s and our inheritance. The Devil has greatly deceived the Western Church into thinking and seeking after the blessings of Abraham as finances and possessions. This is a deception that has kept the harvest from coming. The multitudes are in God’s womb. Are we willing to conceive them in our wombs and then travail in labor for them?

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