So You Want to Be a Leader? Learn to Handle Fear

To be a leader you have to learn how to handle fear. I wish I could say do away with fear, but that is not possible. Everyone including leaders have fear. The difference is that leaders know there is fear, process it, and then keep moving. If you don’t deal with the fear it will cause inaction or even retreat on your part.

How Do I Handle Fear? When problems challenge you, our first response is usually fear. Fear of an outcome that is not desirable. At this point you have two choices – run or figure out a way through it. The choice you make will determine your destiny. Note – you determine your direction and not your problem. Sure the problem has an influence but in the end the problem will be modified or moved if you push through.

In Numbers 13:16-31 Joshua had a major challenge to get the Israelites into the promised land. The inhabitants weren’t giving up their land voluntarily! You should read all the details. But here is what God told Joshua:

Numbers 13:20 – (NLT) “Enter the land boldly…”  (KJV) “And be ye of good courage…”

When you decide not to run away this is called courage. Courage is not having no fear but is deciding to still proceed when you do. If there is no fear you are not courageous because there is nothing to be courageous about.

When fear comes up tell your fear that God is in control and will watch over you! When fear comes up tell your fear that God is in control and no harm will come to you! Then turn toward God and immediately start thanking him that he is in control and no harm but only good will come from him.

The stronger the fear you face the greater the destiny that is awaiting you when you push through. Don’t give into your fear because then you will be dominated by it for the rest of your life. How do you become a warrior? Keep facing your fear and walking forward. After your battle with fear you are a warrior that can change your world. And when you are a leader not only you but also all those following you will change their world too!

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