Is God Boring?

“Religion is a group of people working for God who don’t enjoy it.” – Matt Peterson, Morningstar Ministries

There is a craving in every human being to be in awe of something – to be fascinated. This is why we love circuses, stunts, movies, science fiction, video games, and fantasy. We are made to wonder about great and powerful things. Hollywood fills this God given desire with endless movies and TV shows.

One of the biggest lies of the devil that the Church has believed is that to be spiritual means you must be boring. The exact opposite is true and God is wanting to show us a new dimension to him that is exciting. If He is our bridegroom then we ought to be fascinated with Him. When we are not it is because we don’t have the correct picture of who he is. God is leading us on a journey to show us what Jesus is really like. He is letting us see Jesus as He is and not some dead religious icon representation.

Most believers have not been intrigued by Jesus. They have simply gritted their teeth as they seek to not sin. However, a new anointing is being released worldwide to see his awesomeness. God is answering our craving for awe and wonder by revealing to us the ultimate awe and wonder – Jesus.

The reason many people go into sin is to answer a craving for adventure and stimulation. But in the end the stimulation leaves us burned out and used up. But as we learn to see the amazingness of Jesus, boredom will leave. We won’t even desire to go into sin because it is an inferior pleasure compared with following Jesus. In Rev. 4:8, the overwhelmed seraphim gazed on God and were stunned by what they saw. These “burning ones” cried out, “Holy! Holy! Holy!”

If you are bored with God as I often am let’s start crying out to see the true Jesus and not accept any cheap substitution like Hollywood entertainment or video games.

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