Are You Gifted? This May Be Your #1 Challenge

Are you talented, strong, and gifted?

I have worked with people in the church who have stronger gifts than I. I have worked with software developers who had a better aptitude for coding than me. Unfortunately, I have also seen some of these same people years later ‘wandering in the desert’ having accomplished very little. Here is one of the reasons why.

If you are gifted as a software developer, or flow in the Holy Spirit with amazing results, or teach like the greatest communicator on the planet, you will not go far until you learn to be a part of a team and work with others.

It is not a good sign of success when you see someone gifted that has to be ‘the man’, the ‘senior leader’, the ‘be all’ that makes little room for others. If you are gifted you will go far if you become a part of a team of other gifted people.  If you are gifted here are some questions to ask yourself that are required for long term success:
Can you really work with others or do you only work with others when they are following you? 
Can you not be the head but a great second if that is appropriate? 
Can you respect and actually help others carry out their ideas and not just yours? 
Can you acknowledge your weaknesses along with your strengths?
Who have you surrounded yourself with that you will actually listen too?

If you are gifted, smart, or talented you will have to deal with your tendency to always lead and think your way is always right. This is called humility and the more gifted you are usually the more you will have to fight this.

How are you doing as a team player?
For we know in part and we prophesy in part… 1 Corinthians 13:9

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