Why Are Most of the Songs Love Songs?

Recently I was asked, “Why are most of the songs in the world love songs?”

This got me thinking. Why are most of the songs love songs?

I remember one of the great love song bands of the 1980’s was a group called Air Supply. I took my wife Susan on a date to outdoor Chastain Park in Atlanta to listen to them live in concert. This was definitely not a ‘man’s’ band but it was a great couples date because of all the sappy love songs.

Here is what I answered to the person with the question:

Most of the love songs are because we crave love more than anything else. 

We crave love because it is basic to who we are. 

It is basic to who we are because we are created in the image of God.

God’s base characteristic is love so our base characteristic has to be love.

Since we don’t know God we primarily seek for this love in other humans.

The need for love – love without conditions, love without requirements, pure unconditional love is a part of our DNA. We can’t get away from it. Since most people never experience this type of love we sing and listen to love songs about the ‘perfect’ love from another human.

Unfortunately, the ‘perfect’ love never lasts for long because people are not perfect. But God is perfect. So next time we sing and listen about the ‘perfect’ love realize there is a way to get perfect love – draw near to the perfect God.

Just for Men: Just as a man doesn’t like to go to Air Supply concerts it is often hard for us to go to God for an intimate relationship. But relax, it is a good and rewarding thing, and not a weird thing. It will fill a need deep down inside of you for unconditional love and approval. When you experience this you are now able to give that same type of love back out in abundance to those you love around you.

Sappy love song bands for God anybody?

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