How Does Promotion Come?

Do you want promotion? Promotion at work, in your finances, with others? I know I do. In the Kingdom of God faithfulness to what He has given us to do is the gateway to promotion. Here are two thoughts about being faithful:

Faithfulness in Natural Things Brings Victory in the Supernatural

Do you realize that the simple things like washing the car, ironing your clothes, putting on deodorant, and paying the bills are important. Why? Our outward life is what constitutes a believers witness to the world that Jesus Christ can save, heal, deliver, and make a difference in a persons life. As we struggle in life God gives us supernatural wisdom as to how to overcome our problems. We see Him move and learn more about Him.

It is in facing the natural challenges that we grow strong on the inside which leads to supernatural victory on the outside. For instance, King David when he was just a shepherd boy developed the inner strength that would turn him into a giant killer later. When a bear came up to destroy his flock he didn’t hide behind a tree and pray. He jumped up and ran after the bear and killed him! This process led David to eventually kill the giant Goliath that was tormenting all of Israel. What you do in the field alone will lead to victory among people.

Your daily faithfulness in the affairs of life is training that will be used to give victory in the future. I want to assure you that every mundane and boring thing you are doing is not wasted! God is using it to train you for your future.

Faithfulness Brings Increase

After David defeated Goliath he got the kings reward – His Daughter as his wife and tax free for life for his family. He got the girl and the gold! He got the glory too because his name was known far and wide.

It doesn’t matter who you are God will bring the increase as you remain faithful. King Saul was handsome, powerful, talented, skilled, and well liked but he didn’t kill Goliath. The small, unknown man who was faithful when no one cared got the increase. God set up the circumstances perfectly for David to overcome. Stay faithful with a joyful heart and He will set up the circumstances for you to succeed.

Now it is required those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2

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  1. Thank you.. for your words of guidence and for displaying the Love of God to a wounded generation.

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