More Stuff I Have Learned About the Control Spirit

In my book Breaking the Darkness Over Control, Poverty, and Rejection I wrote about the Control Spirit operating in people and churches and how to overcome it. The control spirit is one of the most powerful and simultaneously subtle spirits in the Kingdom of Darkness. I am constantly learning more about his tactics.

 in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes. 2 Cor. 2:11

Here are some additional things I have learned that I want to share with you. Think about it as an addendum to the book!

Additional Things Learned 1:  In the ministry the control spirit will use religious phrases to get their way that are compatible with their denomination. For instance, in the charismatic stream their ‘control’ is justified by dreams, visions, and hearing God’s voice. Does the dream, vision, prophecy being shared draw attention to the person first and God second? If it does, then question the whole thing.

Solution: Every person must submit themselves to someone and be judged as described in 1 Corinthians 14. If they will not submit to anyone – run! Never be afraid to tell someone you don’t think they are hearing God. You will not gain friends among Jezebels if you do this but you won’t be deceived either.

Additional Things Learned 2: I believe people who love the prophetic are most susceptible to the control spirit because of the intensity of their gift. They want God bad and are willing to go to the ‘edge’ to find Him. This is good but they must be careful because the ‘edge’ is often next to a cliff and we don’t want to go that far.

Solution: Surround yourself with a core group of people that aren’t ‘yes men’. Be wary of people that don’t have people around them that will speak truth into their lives. Apostles who are not surrounded by strong people produce people who are dependent on them, unhealthy, and weak. It’s the perfect situation for them to become a Jezebel.

Prophets must submit themselves to walk with an Apostle who can help them discern their gift. Prophets who do not have a relationship with an Apostle are open to deception.

Additional Things Learned 3: Where there is confusion there is usually someone around you trying to control you or the circumstances wrong.

Solution: The control spirit tries to remove your clarity of vision to replace it with their vision. Start analyzing what situations and people are causing you confusion. Remove yourself from these people and see if the confusion lessens or leaves. If so, start backing off from those people until the confusion leaves. You have to reduce their influence over you.

2 More Things

1. Don’t ask weak willed people (like King Ahab in the Bible) to back off from a Jezebel in their life anymore. They can’t do it. I have never seen someone have enough internal strength to do this. They simply aren’t strong enough to deal with the relationship in the right way. If you push them to do this they will end up turning against you.

2. It is extremely hard to get someone delivered of a control spirit. They have to first recognize the behavior in themselves and want it. This is not an easy task. The control spirit is often rooted in rejection and this causes people to not only need deliverance but counseling on restoring their mind, will, and emotions back to wholeness.

These are my thoughts. What are yours?


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  1. Good advice which appears to be gleamed from battle wisdom! May His truth reign.Darien

  2. Always refreshing to hear your insights, Craig; question: in your experiences, does the Control Spirit bring about confusion? Ex: when they have finished speaking whatever their great insight was, do you find yourself wondering, “What was their point in all that was said?” Just wondering 🙂 Charlie & Betty (HIS Truth WILL Reign!!)

  3. Dear Craig, I just re-read your comments & you’ve already answered my question there! Sorry ’bout that 😉 (Betty here)

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