Characteristics of an Apostolic Church

In a previous blog I shared what are some of the characteristics of church people when they are in an apostolic church. These were the 5 results we find in Ephesians 4:11-14: Unity, really knowing Jesus, maturity, and decreased deception.

Today, I want to share my opinion of some of the characteristics of an apostolic church. These are ways the church is organized differently. Many people when they visit an apostolic church are often disoriented because the structure of the meetings and the programs are different than what they are used too. This is done on purpose because they are emphasizing different values. Here is a list of 5 characteristics most apostolic churches look to achieve:

5 Apostolic Church Characteristics

Simple – Apostolic churches focus on things that bring people into an encounter with Jesus and increase their personal maturity. Variety of activities are usually considered a hindrance and not an advantage. You will usually see far fewer programs. The programs that are done have been strategically setup to mature the believer.

Powerful – Apostolic churches emphasize that Christians can and should prosper spirit, soul, and body. You will see many opportunities during meetings given for the Holy Spirit to give out all 9 of His gifts including prophecy, healing, miracles, words of knowledge and wisdom, etc.

Intimate – Apostolic churches emphasize faithful, honest, and transparent relationships, first with God and then others. You will often see this in the areas of worship and prayer. They are structured so that you have opportunity to talk or sing to God in a personal way with multiple quiet times so you can hear God’s voice. Getting through or enduring worship or prayer is not the goal. Worship and prayer is a time for intimacy with God. To a visitor the atmosphere of intimacy is often intimidating. But most people desire it when they can be shown how to achieve it.

Flexible – Apostolic churches can change direction fast. Their organizational structure and mindset are designed to move as fast as the Holy Spirit wants to move. Their government is organized around small groups of people who are then given maximum authority.

Missional – Apostolic churches emphasize that each Christian is on a mission to bring God’s principles into their area of life. Their emphasis is on sending people out. They believe people should be in the world letting God’s principles in them change it. Isolation from the world is not an option. Messages are centered around the word go and not come and watch.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Flexibility or the lack thereof would probably be the area that would hinder me the most in attending a church outside the apostolic structure. I know not everyone can turn on a dime, but once you’ve been taught to move with th Holy Spirit, doing anything else would be like slogging through the mud. I would probably ask to be mercifully executed than to submit every decision before a committee. But that’s just me…Sean

  2. I believe an Apostolic Congregation is a place where the ministries of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers function as part of the Leadership Structure.
    The primary reason for this according to Ephesians is to equip, train and release the saints for the work of the ministry. So an apostolic Church must be a sending church as were the Churches of Jerusalem, Antioch and Ephesus.
    An apostolic Church is a Church that emphasizes the Gospel of the Kingdom and not merely the Gospel of Salvation. The emphasis of the vision is territorial and NOT numerical. There must be a vision of Transformation on a personal, Community, Regional, National and Worldwide basis.
    The leadership must emphasize an impact in all areas of influence in their culture and society, i.e. Family, Religion, Education, Science and Technology, Business and Commerce, Arts and Entertainment, Politics and Government. For this reason this type of Church will promote and encourage their members to prepare and educate themselves so that they can penetrate and influence in a positive manner the Gospel of the Kingdom.
    An apostolic Church emphasizes, Prayer, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare as part of the equipping of the saints.
    An apostolic Church emphasizes the ministry of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of miracles, signs and wonders in an atmosphere of Grace and Faith and a positive perspective of the Glorious Future of the Church.
    A Church can NOT be an apostolic Church iif it teaches or follows the dogmas of Dispensational Eschatology and an escapism mindset.

  3. I think this could be a textbook definition of an apostolic church!

  4. I was a member of an apostolic church. I really enjoyed the service. They believe in JESUS. As long as I’m being taught about things according to GOD’S HOLY BIBLE, I’m ok with that.

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