Going to Heaven and Plane Passengers

Have you ever noticed these two types of plane passengers?

The first one is sitting in their chair tense, gripping the arm rest as if they are keeping the plane up in the air. The second one is deep in sleep not paying attention to the details of how the plane is flying. He is resting on the journey.

In reality, do either of these passengers have any control on the plane reaching the destination? No. They bought their tickets, climbed aboard, and their part is over. It is up to the plane and the pilot to get them there.

In spite of having no control, the first passenger doesn’t enjoy the trip, is constantly afraid of crashing, and arrives tired and worn out. In contrast, the second passenger realizes he has no control so he rests and arrives at his destination rested and calm. During the trip the first passenger is envious of the second and is wondering now anyone could sleep like that.

Back in August I wrote a blog called Is it a Gift or Not? It talks about whether you can lose your salvation. These two passengers remind me of the ‘can you lose your salvation’ debate. If you think of the plane described above as Jesus and the destination is heaven with the Father being the pilot these two passengers represent both sides of this debate. One passenger is constantly in fear of falling and is gripping the arm rest in a vain attempt to keep the plane flying. The second passenger realizes as long as he is resting and putting his trust in Jesus – the plane – that is all that is needed. He realizes his ticket meant that Jesus and not him would make the flight successful.

Are you worn out, gripping the arm rest of life? If so, it means you are trying to fly the plane. Let me put it simply, you can’t fly the plane. You can pretend you do but it’s not true. You are overplaying your importance and minimizing the role of Jesus.

It’s time to enter a deep rest in Jesus. Stay connected with Him and the trip will get you to your destination. Give God your flight and see how much more rested you are.

Christianity – Simpler Than You Think

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