How to Increase His Presence On You

You can only get closer in a relationship when you are in each other’s presence. Telephone calls help and Facebook tells you about events in the other person’s life, but you must spend time in each other’s presence to grow closer together. It is the same way with the Holy Spirit.

Do you want to grow closer to God? If so, there is a simple way. Spend more time in the Holy Spirit’s presence and it will wear off on you. It’s that simple.

How do I do this? I can’t see Him or ask Him over for dinner so how do I get in His presence?

I have listed below what I do. It works and unless you have a way which works better for you I suggest you start with these steps and I guarantee you the presence of the Holy Spirit will increase in your life.

Sit Uninterrupted In His Presence

Set time apart regularly just to relax and be in His presence. Enjoy Him. Pray, worship, read the Word, etc. Tell the Lord how much you love being with Him. As you do this you will feel His presence come upon you.

The challenge during these times is to stop all the thoughts coming into your mind that distract you. Have you ever noticed how when you set aside time to be with God worries, to do lists, concerns, and unfinished projects come to your mind? Learn to push through these and don’t be distracted. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper if you need to, but don’t stop pushing into His presence.

Remember He Does Not Speak Loudly

It’s amazing how many people come into the Lord’s presence and never stop talking. They are filled with prayer requests and one-sided conversation. When you come into God’s presence ask Him something and then be quiet! Expect Him to answer the question before you fire 10 more at Him. You don’t do this with conversations you have with people (at least I hope you don’t)!

He will talk to you if we give Him a quiet period to talk. It will be a small voice which comes up from your heart and not one which comes out of your mind. It may even be an impression but it is God.

Tell Him that You Love Him

Be affectionate to God. I know men may have a harder time with this but you can close the door and do it in private. Go ahead it will be good for you.

Give Him Your Nights

Let your last words of the day be giving God your sleep and dreams. It will increase your presence of Him during the night and will increase the odds of your first thoughts the next morning being towards Him.

Be Expectant That He Will Speak to You

God is waiting on you!

Psalms 5:3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.

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