How Do I Know If Am I in God’s Will?

This is a common question for believers, and rightly so. It’s important that we are doing what God wants us to do. In my early 20’s I really wrestled with this question. I read hundreds of pages in books trying to discover how you know if you are doing God’s will. I came up with a multi-point outline I used to help me determine the answer. I used this outline for many years as my guide.

I have since come up with a simpler way to find out if you are doing God’s will by answering the following question with a yes or no?

Am I following God the best I know how and doing the things I have heard Him ask me to do?

If the answer is yes then you are in God’s will. If the answer is no then you are not in God’s will.

Pretty simple isn’t it?

If I answered no and I want to get in God’s will what do I do? Go back to what He told you to do that you are not doing and do it. When you are doing it you are in God’s will.

I am hoping this takes the mystery out of following God and restores it to the simplicity that it is.

Relax, He is easier to hear then we often make it out to be.

Christianity – Simpler than you think

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  1. C. was told by a businessman in our hometown in Mo: “Charlie, if I don’t get my toes stepped on by the preacher when I go to church, I don’t feel like I’ve BEEN to church”:( I’ll let you guess his denomination! I prefer your understanding of our loving God, cause I’ve been through the petrified of Him stage, & I was miserable:(

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