Is it a Gift or Not?

My job as a pastor is to free people from bondage.

Would you say that someone who is plagued by fear is under bondage? I would. One bondage I see a lot in people from my area of the country is fear of one question. That one question is:

What if I do something to lose my salvation?

This question has got to be dealt with in order to get rid of the fear. It ruins your peace, your intimacy with Jesus, and it keeps you from going forward in faith.

If you repented and asked God for forgiveness and asked Jesus to come into your life to cover your sins then you are saved. Period.

I am often asked with a hint of derision, “Are you one of those eternal security guys?”

I ask back with a hint of derision, “Are you one of those eternal insecurity guys?”

Was salvation a free gift or did you earn it? Then how can you lose a gift that you didn’t earn by what you do?

He gave you a free gift when you were a sinner. So how can you lose it later when you sin?

If you believe what you do can cause you to lose your salvation then you are getting your salvation by your works instead of Jesus’.

People often ask, “how can a person not lose their salvation when after getting ‘saved’ their lives never changed and they live how they want too?” My answer is simple, they were probably never saved to begin with. They might have prayed a prayer but it was not true repentance. It was probably an intellectual understanding of what the gospel is. But you are saved with an attitude of repentance to go a different way and not from praying a prayer. If you have truly repented you will sin again but your desire is not to sin and you want to be right with God. You are not trying to see how much you can ‘get away with’.

If you repented, relax. Jesus’ blood has more power than your sin. Let the truth set you free. Fear is a terrible way to live. Enjoy Him and His peace today.

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  1. Right on, Bro…

  2. Enjoyed.

  3. Thanks Guys & Gals! Craig Cooper

  4. Adam’s sin is the obvious answer to “how you can lose a gift you had no power to gain in the first place”.
    Men are not capable of saving themselves; but they are very capable of damning themselves, for in their flesh dwells no good thing – thus, Paul warns believers [Romans 11:13] that if they live for the flesh, they will die.

  5. *Make that Romans 8:13

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