What is Success?

What do you think of when I ask you if you are successful?

Do you think of the amount of money you have, your position at work, how well your children behave, how big is your house, or how new is your car, or even how many people follow your blog?

Honestly, those are the things I think of.

I want to propose to you a new definition of success. A definition not defined by our culture. A definition of success where everyone can be a success.

You are successful if you are faithfully seeking out God’s voice and doing what He asks you to do.

Do you know God’s voice better than 1 year ago?

Do you experience God’s presence more now than 1 year ago?

Have you followed God to the best of your ability, not perfectly mind you, just to the best of your ability.

If yes, then congratulations you are a success!

Don’t let the world redefine success for you. The Church has largely took up the definition of success that the world defines and it steers us off course and we end up on the wrong road.

Trust God that his road is best and you will be rewarded by Him for sticking to it!

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  1. I like it.

  2. That’s good, Craig.

  3. Amen and Amen!

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