3 Things To Pray Over Your Family

For years I have been praying the following 3 things over my family almost every morning as I start my day. They are easy to pray, comprehensive, and it focuses my thoughts on my family as I do it. I share this with you in the event that they may be something you might want to pray if you don’t have something that already works for you.

The 3 P’s Prayer

ProtectionFather, I pray your protection over my family today – body, soul, and spirit. I pray that you keep them safe and no harm comes to them physically, in their soul, and spiritually.

Prosperity I pray that you prosper my family today. I pray that they walk in wholeness in their body, soul, and spirit.

Peace  – Lastly, I pray that your peace reigns in our family and in each member. I pray that this is a peaceful family and every member of it knows your peace in everything they do. I pray that they will know your voice and walk with you all the days of your lives.

There it is – the 3 P’s – Protection, Prosperity, and Peace. I will add to it as things come up in my spirit but these things are 3 things I desire to see over my family. It only takes a minute or so to do the basic prayer but it does help to focus me on what is important every day.

Are there any other things you pray regularly over your family?

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