Your Whole Family Can Be Saved!

3 weeks ago on Sunday morning at our Dalton location the Lord gave me a word for the congregation that I shared. The word was essentially that your whole family can be saved. By whole family He meant the generation that came ahead of you if they are still alive (i.e. parents, grandparents, the generation that is after you (i.e. children, grandchildren), and the generation that walks along side you (i.e. brothers, sisters, cousins, etc).

I had never thought of family in such a broad term before. It does seem obvious to me that God sees us in this broad family context and if we would pray and believe our WHOLE family can be saved. As a congregation, we then spent some time praying and believing that our WHOLE family would come to know the Lord.

This is a powerful and encouraging concept! As I have written the last two weeks God is moving in families right now in a special way. This is the time and there is grace to get our families lined up with His will and principles. I believe that part of the purpose of ordering families correctly is praying that all generations above, after, and along side us become saved. This is a bold prayer but I believe that if we are faithful to stand in the gap for those that need it God will move like never before.

Bill Johnson talked about this subject last week in his sermon podcast and it confirmed to me that God is doing this. He said that at the original Passover in Egypt that there was only 1 lamb allowed for the whole family. Individual members were not allowed their own lamb. His point was that the whole family was to be saved together in the exodus from Egypt. This same principle applies today. The 1 lamb – Jesus – is enough for the whole family! So let’s believe!

Is there anyone who needs saving/restoring in your WHOLE family?

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  1. I love it when the NOW Season of God shows up! Some years ago the Lord laid it on my heart to pray for My Husband, My Children and My Whole Blood Line.
    Through the years a niece, a nephew ,and a granddaughter that I had not seen in years or in one case had never met (the granddaughter) showed up or called my house and told me about their love for the Lord! I would go WOW! I guess I have been praying for you – and not even known it! Then shared with them my prayer…God is Faithful to save your whole TRIBE!

  2. What an encouraging testimony! The blood of Jesus is powerful indeed.

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