Can Your Family Become a Team?

Is your family a team? It can be. My is not all the way there yet. Just this week I made the comment that getting my family moving in one direction is about as easy as herding cats out the door.

That was probably not the best comment to make but it did show me areas of improvement we needed. I have been thinking on how wonderful it would be if our families did operate as a team. I have often spoken on the necessities of the church operating as a team in ministry together. But in truth, this concept won’t work real well unless our individual families are working as a team. The lessons we learn in working together as a family or the same lessons we would use when working in a ministry.

I really believe that God’s grace is on helping families get to where He wants them. God is speaking it strongly to me and many other people I talk too. Plus, every time I implement some of things in Susan and I’s heart in respect to our family a battle ensues!  That is always a good sign that we are coming up against things that need to be broken that don’t want to go!

Here are some values that I think would help in making a family a team.

1. Honor and Respect

I would love for us to all honor, respect, and value each family member’s opinion.  Each person is a creation of God and deserves this. We as people have such a tendency to see the negative first in others and never go beyond this to the potential and the intentions of the heart. It is interesting that we usually give ourselves the benefit of the doubt but we don’t with others. How do we instill this value? I don’t have a silver bullet yet but I am trying.

2. Working Together

As families we love taking vacations and going places together. What if we could do a project together like an outreach, house project, or ministry? This is my goal. But first I am starting with doing chores together. If we can survive that we can move on!

3. Same Values

A team has to have the same values or they won’t stay together long. Values – basic beliefs – determine our direction. As the Father and a parent I know that the values come from me. I am in the process of asking what values do I want my children to take with them when they leave. I know that as they grow older they may discard these values or embrace them. But I still need to clearly state what our values are. This is not an easy task to put down on paper and then think of ways to clearly communicate them. But it is a necessary part of a team, one vision – one direction.

Talk these things over with your spouse if that is a possibility. Your spouse will be your greatest partner. The challenge comes in trying to live out practically these nice sounding goals. That is where my battle internally and externally occurs. But for the kingdom lets pray to forge our family together into a team.

What are some things you think are necessary to make your family a team?

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