It’s Family Time!

God saves individuals. But He really wants to save whole families. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandchildren, everyone! When this happens it shows the power of the Gospel!

For several weeks now I have come to realize that God’s activities with families has increased and He is doing 4 things with them.

1. Order He is helping us to get them in order, His order. His order is where He is Lord in everyone’s life and everyone is walking according to His plans.

2. Wider His definition of family is wider than ours. In the West we tend to think of families as the core group of people – Father, Mother, and immediate children. God’s definition is much bigger. He thinks of families as those generations that have preceded us – Parents and Grandparents – and those that are following us – grandchildren – and those that are walking with us – Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.

3. All – His desire is for all of our family to be saved and put in His order. This brings maximum glory to Him, stability to society, and maximum blessing to us as His people. He wants our vision of wholeness to include all of our family – those that precede us, follow us, and walk with us.

4. Interpersonal Dynamics – He is helping me to straighten up my interactions with my family members. He is helping me to walk with Godly character towards them, with wisdom, be a life giver not a taker, and honor them. This is not easy but it is happening!

Have you noticed increased activity in your family by God, especially in the area of character and commitment? I sure have. I am realizing that God is interested in my walk with Him but He wants my whole family to do it together. This is a basic way of how the Kingdom wants to expand. It is not easy but what glory He will get as it happens.

What do you think? Have you seen increased activity in your families by God?

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