I Don’t Understand

Here are things that I don’t understand about some Christian teaching I hear:

How can we say that God is a God of love but then say earthquakes and tornados are from Him?

How can we say God is a powerful God but we believe that healings and miracles were for just the 1st century church?

How can we say God wants to give us good gifts but He will give us cancer to teach us something?

How can we say that God has given us authority but we are look for Him to come back and do all the ruling in the world?

How can we say God wants to be our best friend but then say you had better watch out for punishment if you sin?

Is it just me or do you understand?

Categories: Miscellaneous


  1. Keep digging the deep wells. I believe that you are on to something. Darien

  2. Thanks! We will together!

  3. Sad but true. I was on the end of a comment several years ago while going through my first transplant that falls right in the cancer category. A christian woman actually told me, “it was punishment from God so I would get my life in order”.

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