Familiarity Can Be Dangerous

I go to a great church and I am involved with a great group of people. Many times we experience God and His presence in a wonderful way. It’s fantastic and I don’t want to be doing anything else.

But the other day I found myself being bored in one of our church services. This bothered me because I knew God was manifesting Himself but I was still bored.

Later on in the week the Lord spoke this simple word to me through another brother, “Familiarity can lead to apathy.”

I immediately knew that was true in my life. Fortunately, I have come to experience God’s presence quite often, so often, I was taking Him for granted.

I often do this with the Bible. Have you ever read a passage so many times you don’t pay attention to it anymore?

When you know a part of God or His Word so well that He doesn’t fascinate you anymore it should scare us. It means our familiarity with Him is leading us into apathy.

Has your wonderment left? Has boredom set in? It happens to me. Step back at those times, repent and ask God to give you a fascination with Him again like it’s the first time. Pretend like you are a little child seeing some new part of the world for the first time. I guarantee you that the fascination will return.

Familiarity can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have too. Let it provoke you to greater intimacy instead.

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