Faith Fiction…I Hate Their Guts!


Lucifer defiantly screamed, “I will form my own kingdom where I rule! People and angels will bow down to me and not you! I will never bow down to anyone again!!!”

The Creator of Lucifer responded with controlled force, “Your name shall no longer be called Lucifer – the Shining One– but Satan – Enemy. Your rebellious angels shall be called demons. Depart from Heaven! Be Gone! As you are removed from My Presence remember you will always have to bow down to me and wherever my presence is!”

DATELINE: Pentecost, approximately 30 A.D.

“King, King, King,” cried out Satan’s scout. “It’s happening again. It’s happening again.” Satan swiveled on his throne high in the earth’s atmosphere to receive the priority message. He took pride in his information gathering network. Almost instantly he was aware of all events on his planet – planet Earth.

“God has returned! God has returned,” said the scout, trembling! “Slow down, you slimy, depraved scout. God has not shown His face on my earth for over 400 years. As a matter of fact, He has only been in one room of a tent or temple for the last 4000 years.”

The scout responded, “but…but…but what about Jesus?”

“Oh shut up. I took care of Him didn’t I?”

“Yea, but He came out of the grave you put him in.”

“Shut up!”

Satan’s voice echoed throughout his chamber and the scout cowered in the corner.

“We haven’t seen Jesus for many days. He’s gone for good! Things are back to the way they were before He came. Don’t mention his name again!”

The scout managed to reply feebly, “But I saw God on earth, Master.”

Satan burned with anger. His eyes betrayed fear rising up within him. He wasn’t as confident on the inside as he acted on the outside. Jesus’ presence on earth was still having an effect on him. After a few seconds he said, “He would never show up now. He wouldn’t dare. I control this planet, and I bow to no one on it!”

The scout bowed low to the ground and responded, “I am telling the truth! God is here. He is inside of man this time! In Jerusalem!”

The entire throne room of Satan panicked upon hearing the news. Demonic spirits normally strong, confident, and cool started shaking in remembrance of the past. Total chaos ensued as fear swept through the room. Even Satan flinched.

Satan’s mind flashed back to the first occurrence when God fellowshipped with man. It was an awful and humbling experience seeing God walk and talk with Adam and Eve. He grimaced with pain at remembrance of this.

Satan flew to Jerusalem. As he grew close to the city his ears heard a sound that sounded like a sound he only heard in God’s throne room. As he grew closer to the crowd of people he realized it was true. He had not heard these sounds since He was kicked out of heaven. He looked down and saw people speaking in what they called tongues. Anger boiled in him as he realized that these signs of God were on his planet! He had to destroy the leader Peter who was preaching.

He quickly flew towards Peter with the intention of killing him. When he got within about 50 yards of Peter he saw something that he had never seen in his entire existence. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This was different than at Creation. He screamed with a fear that could be heard through the depths of hell. It was only the second time he had ever screamed with such fear. The first time was only a few days ago when He realized Jesus was no longer in the grave. He quickly stopped advancing towards Peter and hovered in the air about 50 yards above Peter’s head.

As Satan looked at Peter he couldn’t believe his eyes. He took a second look to confirm what he was seeing. It was undeniable. There He was. There was God Himself. There was God inside of Peter! His glory, power, and wisdom were right there. What is this? How come God is inside of man? He thought, “this must be Jesus’ doing. It can’t be true. But it is.”

“Noooooooo,” Satan screamed out! The entire spiritual world including both heaven and hell heard Satan’s cry.

Satan panicked and was more determined than ever to kill Peter. He must kill Peter. He had to kill Peter. He didn’t understand what was going on and the threat had to be eliminated. He started charging once again at Peter. When he came within a few yards of Peter the Presence of God inside of this man swelled powerfully and radiated outward and burned his skin and blinded his eyes. He could get no closer and had to back away.

Unknowing to Satan, as he advanced towards Peter, God spoke to Peter and told him Satan was attacking him. The anointing of God rose up inside of Him and he spoke to the invisible Satan, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! You must bow your knee and leave!”

At these words, Satan was knocked out of the air and crumpled to the ground under the force of God. He defiantly looked up at Peter and spoke to his mind, “Who do you think I am! I do not obey weak human flesh!” Peter spoke again, “You must bow to the God who is inside of me. Be gone in Jesus’ name!”

Satan felt like he was hit with a great weight against his chest. He now lay on the ground defeated before Peter. He could not advance any further and was losing ground every moment. He retreated to his throne room and as he left his mind was filled with confusion, shame, and humiliation. As he entered his throne room he suddenly realized there were others in Jerusalem filled with God.

He quickly turned to the scout and demanded, “How many of them had God inside of them?”

“120 your Master.”

A thought so powerful entered his mind that Satan shook with fear. “What if this spreads? What if more humans get God inside of them? How does this happen? I must stop this!”

A picture formed in his mind. “What if thousands, even millions, of humans start rebuking him and he is forced to hit the dirt every time?”

Satan yelled in anger, “I hate their guts! I will not bow to the God inside of them. This must stop! How dare they rebuke me and order me to leave! This is my planet! I am the ruler!”

Thousands in the throne room heard what their Master said. All of them wondered if they would still rule. Just too much had happened in the last 50 days since Jesus’ crucifixion that they didn’t understand.

A second scout from Jerusalem entered the throne room. All eyes turned to the small relatively powerless creature.

Satan wearily turned his attention to the scout, “Yes?”

The demon scout became greatly disturbed as thousands of eyes turned towards him. He had never had an audience like this and didn’t quite know what to do.”

“Speak,” screamed Satan!

The demon bowed low and without looking up at his master said, “I thought you might want to know. God is now inhabiting over 3000 humans.”


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  1. Powerful! If we could really wrap our hearts and minds around this, we would ‘turn the world upside down.’ May we do so!

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