Do You Wear a ‘Made in China’ Label?

Definition: ‘Made in China’: Typically synonymous with products that are an imitation of the real thing or inferior quality.

Stick with me here, but I think many Christians have a spiritual equivalent of ‘Made in China’ labels on their souls. They are an imitation of the real thing.

What is sad is that Christians are the real thing. Because when we peel the stuck on ‘Made in China’ label off it says ‘Made in Heaven’ underneath.

We are afraid to be ourselves because we feel people won’t like us. So in an effort to get ‘bought’ we imitate something that is not us. After we put make up on our soul and get dressed in the socially correct actions we no longer reflect the real creation we were made to be.

You think I am crazy by now don’t you?

But I think it is true. How many times have you seen this with a group of Christians. Take the typical going to Church experience. In the lobby of the church people are laughing, talking, and having fun. But as soon as they cross the threshold of the auditorium everybody as if by magic gets quiet. A metamorphism just occurred. We put the ‘Made in China’ label on – a prescribed mode of behavior that is acceptable by others that is not the real us.

How many of us get together with our Christian friends and we say everything is all right when in fact hell is breaking out? At that moment the ‘Made in China’ label is taped across our chests.

Have you ever stifled a really great idea or a creative thought because you weren’t sure if others wanted to ‘buy’ what we were selling? So instead we act like everyone else wants us to act and we imitate their behavior.

The church is to be a place of setting the captives free and releasing the oppressed. This means removing the ‘Made in China’ label and discovering what Heaven has made.

It’s time for the Real Christian – the Real You – to stand up. Not in rebellion or selfish promotion, but stand up and stay God has given me this personality, these gifts, this humor, these interests, and I like what God has made me!

Will you join with me in ripping off the ‘Made in China’ labels and the ‘Made in Church’ labels and see what being ‘Made in Heaven’ looks like?

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  1. You got it! It’s amazing to learn to be ME and watch our amazing God at work in not only us but others. What a wild, wild ride!

  2. In Kenya, we are always glad to receive the relationship church’s messages/updates/thoughts/ fictions etc. They bless us and help us also to formulate our weekly sermons as the Spirit leads.

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