Has God Become a Commodity?

Definition of Commodity: “useful thing: something that people value or find useful”.

We have figured out Christianity in America. The book stores, blogs, and sermons are filled with titles like ‘3 Ways to Hear God’s Voice’, ‘5 Keys to a Successful Marriage’, ‘Understanding the Holy Spirit in 5 Steps’, ‘Being a Better Parent within the Week’, and ’10 Steps to a Successful Ministry’.  I myself just recently spoke on ‘3 Things That Compete Against God’s Voice’.

We in Christianity read just like the ‘Self Help’ aisles in the book store or sound like the Motivational CD’s they sell in the early morning hours on TV.

What I want is a God I can’t figure out.

What I want is a God where I don’t always get the answers I want.

What I want is a God that is so big that I experience the infinite.

What I want is a God that is so large that it causes my imagination to run wild.

Yes, I want principles and 7 steps to success. But more than that, I want a God that causes me to experience wonder and awe.

I don’t want a God whose only value to me is His usefulness to me. He is not a commodity I use like salt, copper, gas, or food. He is to be revered not used like a vending machine.

We need imagination. We need transcendence. We need the unknown in Christianity. Why do we feel we have to explain everything? He is not a calculation that we perform when we need something. He is more than a grocery store and pithy proverbs.

We are so good at distilling everything down to a formula. But sometimes I don’t need a formula. I need power that blows my formula apart. We have removed the unknown from God and replaced it with security in statements. Unfortunately, I think we have taken away the power and presence of God in the process. We have many of His principles but little of His presence.

Where is the mystery? Why pursue mystery when it is easier to have a genie in the bottle.

Just a thought…

God said we could know Him. I am on that journey. But do I think I will actually figure Him out in His entirety? I hope not. I don’t want a God like that.

Let the awe return. I need to live for something bigger.

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  1. I agree! What an exciting adventure to know that our God is faithful, but not predictable! He is far beyond our grasp but within our range to embrace and enjoy!

  2. I don’t think you can package that type of GOD!! (lol.. 🙂

    I think what you are describing is what is known as Holy.
    “Totally other than…” anything I can grasp in my thinking!
    Yeah! Give me some of that!

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