Are you a part of a Prophetic Company?

Are you a part of a Prophetic Company?

God is into teams. In these last days of dreams, visions, and prophecies, we need to be a part of a company of people wanting to see God move more than ever. As revelation increases, there are definite benefits of being a part of a team. Here are 8 reasons to consider.

  • Our gift grows. As we see others move, it encourages us to move out too.
  • Our gift is sharpened. Others can help us define and clarify what we are seeing and saying.
  • Accountability. Others can help judge what we are saying.
  • Verifiable Track Record. Others can vouch for us when we go out.
  • Personal Encouragement. Need I say more?
  • See diversity of prophetic expressions and styles. We recognize how God moves in so many ways besides the way he flows in us.
  • A place to practice Holy Spirit’s Fruits and Character on to others. It is not all about our gifts. Fruits and Character are just as important.
  • We all have blind spots that others can help us see those. As good as we may be, none of us are perfect. God allows blind spots on purpose for us to need and humble ourselves in front of.

If you are not a part of a team, ask God where your group is. There is one out there for you. It will most definitely look different from you. But that is the purpose, right? It is how God has always moved. Without a group, I cannot reach my full maturity. God made us interdependent on purpose. That is why we are called 1 Body.

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