2 Misunderstandings about Holy Spirit – Our goal is to get more from the Holy Spirit – Part 2

The question is not how I can get more from Holy Spirit. The question is how can Holy Spirit get more of me? How can I break thru religion, reason, control, and comfort to yield every member of my body more to His will? We need to acknowledge that He is the senior partner and He is to be 100% in control.

When we seek him just as an influence all we think about is how to get more power, influence, gifts, etc. for ourselves. We act like He’s a material to be bought and sold like gold.

We need to move from figuring out how to use Holy Spirit to asking that He use us more! Our prayer should be, “come take more of me”. We are not to be focused on increasing quantities or power but growing in levels of intimacy.

If I speak of Holy Spirit as an influence, I will find myself speaking of my gifts, what I am doing, my influence, my ministry, the gift I operate in. We will be in effect saying, “look at my name on my ministry.” It always leads to self-exaltation.  If we are not careful, we think we are something because we have “tapped” into some force or power. We will believe we have the secret.

Christianity is to be a life unselfishly walking with Holy Spirit renouncing everything of us. It is a life of humiliation so that Holy Spirit will have more freedom to move through us. We are to realize that we are nothing unless we are 100% reliant on Him. Walking with Holy Spirit does not produce pride but brokenness and humility. It takes desperate people to walk with God. That is what we need to become.

Ephesians 5:18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

Filled does not mean the modern definition of overflowing – but means dominated by!

How much of our time are we dominated by Holy Spirit? What rules most of the time – our soul, flesh, or the Spirit?

Do you try to get Him to do something for you like a magic genie?

Don’t wait for Holy Spirit to fall. Enjoy Him now. Don’t see Him as a force to manipulate to get something out of but a person to walk with!

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