2 Misunderstandings about Holy Spirit – Part 1

Holy Spirit is not a power or influence that we manipulate. He is not a Christian version of “the force” in Star Wars. He is not a neutral force that pervades all of creation that can be manipulated.

Is this your first thoughts towards Holy Spirit: “How can I use Him to bring blessings into my life?” Do you seek for formulas and special prayers in order to “move” Holy Spirit in a certain direction?

We cannot manipulate Holy Spirit and we shouldn’t try. Just as we are not to manipulate others, we should not try to manipulate Him. When we view and act towards Him as a person our whole relationship with Him will change. We don’t want to use God we want a love relationship with Him.

It is possible to experience His power but never know Him. He will give you power if that is all that you ask for but realize that you are only seeking His hand and not His heart. He wants a relationship with you. His hand is not to be our main focus. He will bless things because of His mercy but we will only be taking from His hand and not His heart. We want to know Him even if He never gives us anything. If we learn to walk with Him then we will also see His power in our life. But we want the walking with Him to be the goal.

We want to have an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is not just for tongues or power for ministry. He wants our confidence and our trust.

Do you thank Him for the work He does daily for you? Move from a mindset of how do I get from Holy Spirit and use what He gives me to how do I get to know Him and walk as a friend. One of the best ways to get to know Him is to start telling Him how much that you love Him.

Misunderstanding #2 Coming Soon

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