You are a WMD!

You are a WMD – a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The acronym WMD became popular doing George W. Bush’s presidency when he said Saddam Hussein of Iraq had multiple WMDs and needed to be removed from power.

As a Christian you are a weapon of mass destruction against the power of the devil.

How am I a Weapon of Mass Destruction? Let me use the same acronym – WMD – with different words. You destroy the devil through your Worship, Mission, and being a Disciple of Jesus.

W – When you Worship God with everything you have you declare Jesus Christ is Lord. It makes a statement who your God is and you are going to follow Him. It removes doubt, depression, and focuses you on the eternal.

M – As you walk with the Lord, you start discover who you are, what you are to do, and where you are to do it. This gives you a Mission! This gives you purpose. You start walking in the paths God created you for. Your mission destroys the works of the devil and tears down thought patterns which are set up against God.

D – Becoming a disciplined Disciple of our Master Jesus causes all of our thought patterns and actions to imitate Jesus’ thought patterns and actions. This brings restoration, wholeness, prosperity, health, and redeems our lives. We destroy the lies and deception of the enemy we have walked in.

As a Christian dedicated to God’s ways you are a WMD – a Weapon of Mass Destruction against the Devil. A worshipper on a mission who is a disciplined follower of Jesus!

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