The Clashing of the Swords has Started!

A realignment is going on in the earth. Those that don’t pay attention will one day ask, “What happened?” – Craig Cooper

On October 2 the new Jewish year started. The Jews calls this day Rosh Hashanah. Jesus is a Jew. Since He is the head of the church we work from His calendar and not the gentile calendar that has the new year starting on January 1.

The gentile calendar says we are in the year 2016. The Jewish calendar says on October 2 we started the year 5777. Unlike the English language numbers have great significance in the Hebrew language and Jewish life.

Lance Wallnau shares the meaning for the number 5777:

There are three “7’s” in this Jewish new year. Interestingly, the number “7” in Hebrew is the letter “zayin” which represents both the number “7” and the word “sword. What we are looking at in 5777 is: The year of supernatural grace to engage the clashing of swords. The clashing of Heaven and Hell will show up in the conflict of ideologies. This collision of kingdoms has already started. “Zayin” means more than just “sword” or “weapon.” It also connects with a modern Hebrew word “mazon,” meaning “food” or “sustenance,” and “nourishment,” both coming from the same root as Zayin. 5777 is the year of the clashing of swords! We are taking on giants just like the children of Israel did. I choose to believe what Caleb said in Numbers 14:9, “Do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them.” Caleb saw the giants in the land not as obstacles but as bread. I believe that as you take on your giants and defeat them they will become nourishment for you! What you bow to will increase your bondage but what you overcome will increase your power!

More changes are happening in and around us than I can remember in many years. It is a clashing of our ideology with the Kingdom’s. God is removing, moving, and adding in our lives. A realignment in relationships, assignment, vision and identity, and paradigms is under way.

It is very important to listen and obey instantly what the Holy Spirit is saying. It is not business as normal. A new normality is being established. If we fail to pay attention to what is going on we will miss out on what God is doing. He is not obligated to get us where we need to be if we don’t listen and obey.

But I like it where I am at you may say. The Israelites said the said thing and never entered the promised land.

I don’t want to change! Why do I need to change? Why is God always changing things? He is always changing things because our lives don’t resemble heaven 100% yet.
Don’t be slow or stubborn with what God is asking you to do. You will regret. Humble yourself, dig deep for strength with the Holy Spirit’s help, say yes, and be realigned. Let’s hear the clashing of the swords but let’s not get stabbed by them!

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