What is the Most Important Task?

I propose that it is to help prepare the Bride ( other believers ) to get ready for a wedding. A wedding with her bridegroom – Jesus.

When we prepare a bride to get married we make sure they look perfect! This includes helping her have no spot or wrinkle, perfect makeup, big smile, dress looking awesome!

Getting other believers excited about Jesus and wanting to know Him intimately accompanied by no spot or wrinkle is an awesome gift to our Lord. It is a task worth dedicating our lives too.

As individual believers dedicate yourself to the eternal task of preparing others to be ready for the wedding that will surpass all other weddings.

If you are a minister at a church dedicate yourself to being an eunuch ministry who will not use church for your own advancement. Instead, be a church who does everything to prepare the church for the bridegroom Jesus with none of ourself showing.

This is the best wedding gift you could ever give.

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