A Fire That Draws

A fire needs oxygen to spread. The fire of God is spread by Him breathing on us. We don’t need more promotions, free stuff, and marketing but His breath. – Craig Cooper

Living in a capitalistic society we have learned that to sell something we need to advertise, do promotions, and even offer free stuff to get us hooked to buy our product. This nature becomes an integral part of who we are as a people. If we aren’t selling something we know we are going to be sold to.

Since our culture is capitalistic we don’t know anything different than make our churches ‘recruit’ the same way. If we want our attendance to grow we will advertise, promote, and offer stuff. While some of this may be needed to let people know our location and times, we don’t want to rely on just natural methods to win people. When we only draw by natural methods we have to entice people to stay by natural methods.

This is why many times we are so competitive as a church and ‘guard’ our sheep in the wrong way. We realize how they came and we realize – maybe subconsciously – that someone that advertises or promotes better than us can cause them to leave. I know this seems unrealistic but I am wanting our churches to grow supernaturally.

And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. Acts 2:47

I pray the fire of God’s supernatural presence, power, and life fill our churches starting with each of us. Out of that fire His presence, power, and life will consume others around us. When His presence, power, and life touches others they will not need to be advertised or promoted too. It will touch a deep longing in their soul which will set their life on fire. They will be changed and will know it.

God, I pray for your fire to burn in me and then over to others.

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