Want to Hear God? Ready for Withdrawals?

My best advice to hear God’s voice is to be still. The hardest thing to do is to be still. – Craig Cooper
Isn’t this the truth? When was the last time I was really still? It takes work to be still! What an oxymoron or contradictory phrase that is. I want to challenge you to work hard to be still and do nothing. You have got to hear God! You need to hear God! Your answer is hearing from God. Your solution is hearing from God! It is more important than looking at your notifications panel to see the latest Snapchat story.
God does not talk to you through Skype, iMessages, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Duo, or Messenger. The first thing to do to be still is to put down the remote, mouse, tablet, or smartphone. Wait 30 seconds. Yes, I know your hands are involuntarily twitching now. It is called the smartphone phantom twitch. “I have to touch something”, your brain is screaming.

Wait…Wait…Relax…Your friends will understand if you are offline for 60 seconds. You really will not miss out on the rapture.

I know that you have entered full blow withdrawal now. You are sweating. You are anxious. You are stressed out. “I have to touch something and touch something now,” your brain is screaming. Your hands are shaking and you are getting a nervous tic in your eye. Seriously, maybe the church needs to start up iPhone withdrawal rehab centers. Probably would be a great ministry if anyone could stop texting long enough to sign up.

HeHeHe…really…My best advice to hear God’s voice is to be still. The hardest thing to do is to be still.

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