Does It Matter Where I Live?

When I was about 30 I knew I was going to plant a church. It took many years to figure this out but once I did I thought the hard part of fulfilling my calling was done. Boy was I wrong.
Now it wasn’t easy figuring out my calling. But once I did I started of dreaming of places where to plant a church.
I realized that just as I didn’t have a choice as to my calling, I didn’t have a choice as to where to do it! Frankly, I wasn’t happy.

Every Christian has gifts and a calling. Over the years I have noticed some people never fully experience the blessings  God has for them even though they are working in their calling. One reason is because they may have their calling right but doing it in the wrong place with the wrong people.

Your calling is tied to your gift, place, and people. Actually finding your geographical place is just getting you to the people that you are to be around. If you find the right place you have found the right people and vice-a-versa.
Have you find your calling? If not, God wants to help you find it.
Have you found who you are to do it with? If not, again God has a say on the matter and He will help you find it.
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