Where is Your Identity Found?

3 Ways of Relating to God
Moses Tabernacle is described in the Old Testament. It was made up of 3 spaces/places – Outer Court, Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies. The Israelites were allowed to go into those 3 places based on strict rules and not everyone could go everywhere.
All Israelites could go into the Outer Court if they brought a live animal to be sacrificed. If you were from the tribe of Levis and were a male and a priest you could go into the first room of the two room structure called the Holy Place. This is where the daily duties of the priests were performed. This is also the place where the priests operated out of to the people. If you were the High Priest you could go into the 2nd room called the Holy of Holies where you got to meet God face to face.
These 3 places perfectly describe the 3 ways of relating to God a New Testament Christian can have in relating to God. The difference is as a New Testament Christian you have the opportunity to go into all 3 spaces if you desire. There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from Mose’s Tabernacle. But here is an overview based on ways of relating to God
Outer Court Salvation Believe and attend Church Hear About Sins Forgiven
Holy Place Find and Do Purpose in Kingdom Minister to Others Talk About Purpose
Holy of Holies Decide to Become the Bride and Meet God Spend Time With Him Face to Face With Identity

Notice the last result of meeting face to face with God – You find your identity. Your identity is NOT in your ministry, calling, or work. These things are what you do to help others meet face to face with God. Your identity is found in an intimate walk with God. Becoming a friend of God is very different than being a worker and a servant of God. Working is important and required, but who you are is found by learning to be in His presence. In His presence, and not in your work, you will find that He loves you unconditionally. This is where peace and acceptance comes from. If you try to get it from your work you will find yourself never thinking you are doing enough.
Let’s all take time to meet God face to face. There you find identity in being His son or daughter.
How do I move forward from the Outer Court forward through the rooms into the Holy of Holies? There is no step by step procedure but here are 3 values you must have:
1. Regularly evaluate which location you spend most of your time in.
2. Hunger to move forward. You can create this hunger by asking God to create a hunger in you and hanging around others in the room ahead of you.
3. Never be satisfied with anything less than meeting God. Never be satisfied with just showing up at Church. Attendance is Outer Court living. It’s good but it’s not what you were created for.
Your thoughts?
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