Nameless Faceless Ones are Coming – Are You Ready?

There is a lot of talk about the ‘nameless, faceless‘ generation that will be used powerfully by God. From my limited research I think this phrase first came from a prophet named Paul Cain in the 1950’s. The phrase was revived again in the 1980’s during the days of the Kansas City Prophets, the Vineyard movement, and the Charismatic movement.

I believe this prophecy. I believe the earth will be filled with so many people walking in the power of God you won’t be able to single out a single person as ‘the man’ or ‘the leader’. I believe God is training us now for this fulfillment.

I want to walk in miracles and power. But I am thinking that the hardest part of the training is getting rid of my ego. Let’s be honest, walking in power sounds great in the big picture, but at the individual level it’s a killer.

See, I want my face to be seen. I want to hear my name mentioned. I get excited when I see my name written down.

Being a nameless, faceless one is a real killer. A real killer to me.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

Nameless faceless ones can be described with the Biblical word meek. Walking in power is a part of inheriting the earth. But this meek part is what I struggle with. I don’t want to be humble and patient. I want it now and my way.

Am I the only one?

Could it be the main obstacle to walking in power is learning to become meek?

These are questions I struggle with?

Can I do something great and not take any of the credit?

Can I walk in power and be glad when no one remembers my name?

Can I be happy if only Jesus gets the credit?

Father, bring on the nameless faceless ones. The meek ones.

Let me be one of them.

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  1. GOOD Craig. Greetings from Charlie & Betty.

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