Why Do I Go to Church?

I have a simple question. It’s an exercise really. Ask yourself the question: Why do I go to church?

Why do I take the time to get ready each week, drive somewhere, spend a few hours with others in an event called church?






Not Sure?

To Meet God?

To Hear About God?

Commitment to a postion I hold?

This week honestly answer the question, “Why do I really go to church?”

Then after answering this question ask God, “Why should I go to church?”. Be quiet and continue answering this until you get an answer.

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  1. Great question. Simple but powerful ! I think we would all do well to quite down and reflect on this. We may be suprised at how hard it is to answer and if we are honest with ourself the answer may show us some areas in our walk with God that need some work. I love you Brother thanks for all you do! Jason

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