On the Road to Destiny You Will Often Encounter Disaster

Have you ever noticed that in your journey towards your God given destiny disaster likes to sneak in?

I sure have. I think Joseph with his prison time and Daniel’s friends with their side trip to the furnace probably noticed the same thing.

I am not sure why disaster often happens. I imagine that it includes a character building time for us, the Devil trying to stop your destiny from manifesting along with other possible reasons.

How you handle the disaster determines whether you end up in your destiny.

Don’t do the following:

Don’t think it is God telling you that your destiny is wrong or will never happen.

Don’t get mad at God.

Don’t blame God.

Don’t give up.

Do the following:

Do sit back and reevaluate the method and timing.

Do believe God that it will come to past.

Do believe that the only thing that will stop your destiny is if you stop.

Do believe that sometimes destiny is just plain hard work.

Do believe that God is not a liar.

“Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery? … Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” – Isaiah 66:9

Remember, if Disaster follows Destiny then Destiny will follow Disaster.

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  1. Jesus tells us, “The enemy comes but to kill, steal and destroy”. It is the plan of the world to keep the gift that He (God) placed in you from fruitation. We must understand that we are at war. There’s no turning back. We can never, never give up. Love the Lord our God with all your heart, soul and mind!

  2. Good encouragement! Thanks – Criag

  3. Thank you, good teacher, for your words of ENCOURAGEMENT. Charlie & Betty xo

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