How to Change a Culture

In my last blog I talked about how we often assume the culture we are born into is the same as God’s culture that He wants for Christians. Here is the first paragraph from that blog:

Everyone has a culture. Culture is what we are born into and live in. Culture is a set of expected behaviors and thought patterns society says we are to do to be a good citizen. It is what we think is normal because it is all we have ever seen. When in reality it is normal to us but maybe not to people from other areas of the world who grew up in another culture. Our culture is not everybody else’s culture.

I closed out the blog by talking about how hard it is to change our culture to God’s. This is definitely a lifelong process that is not easy. But it is part of what God calls becoming mature. So if the goal is  our geographical area to become more like God how do we change the culture to look like His. Here are 4 steps to think about.

1. We change our own personal behavior first to match God’s culture.

2. This changes the atmosphere or circumstances around us that we live in.

3. Over time this will change people’s behavior that hangs around us. Who you hang around is who you become.

4. When enough people’s behavior is changed it changes the culture because people now believe that this behavior is normal.

Too simple? Is there a faster way? I know this is a slow process. What do you think?

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